Our goal is to be trustworthy advisers to our clients during all phases of an executive search. Therefore, we strive always to exceed client expectations by providing an impressive choice of candidates and a smooth and thorough process, which includes six main steps:

Step 1 – Understanding the Client and Role

Our Search Consultants create detailed briefing documents reflecting their understanding of your business goals, values and hiring needs. From the beginning and throughout the search process, we ensure we understand you and your hiring needs to represent you well in the market. We pride ourselves in fully understanding our marketplace, its trends, developments, perceptions of you and the position you need to fill. This information is invaluable in efficiently closing searches.

Step 2 – Candidate Sourcing and Research

Identifying candidates and receiving applicants is not recruiting. By partnering with ALIGN, you engage with our team of dedicated recruiters who continuously reach out to the market’s top talent on your behalf. Using the full advantage of our network, we identify potential candidates and proactively approach them. We follow classic head-hunting strategies of calling to target and recruit the best talent in the marketplace, whether they are currently employed or candidates looking for new opportunities. In addition, we conduct regular status calls with our clients to review potential candidate profiles and provide market feedback.

Step 3 – Short Listing

We pre-screen the most qualified and interested candidates and then interview those who excelled face to face. We then discuss the market importance of our client and the opportunity at hand with our candidates. We are honest about possible challenges with the role and realistic regarding possible career progression. We believe this approach ensures our clients and prospective candidates begin the recruitment process with all relevant information. Ultimately, we choose only the strongest candidates and present them to our clients as a “Short List” for review.

Step 4 – Interviewing Stage

Each process is unique to each client’s search and is planned to ensure a smooth sequence of events and a positive candidate experience. Our primary role during this stage is to process and examine the large volume of information we have assembled. We act as an intermediary, a window into the concerns of all stakeholders, promptly dealing with issues and questions. We help to gauge interest levels, gather feedback, and provide clarity, increasing the efficiency of the Interviewing Stage.

Step 5 – Offer and Acceptance

Our experienced recruiters provide market knowledge and support to get your competitive offers accepted. We use our experience, gathered over hundreds of searches, negotiation training and up-to-date data, from our Compensation Outline, as tools to prepare compelling offers.

Step 6 – Follow-up

Your success is our success. Therefore, we stay connected with you, our clients, and your new hire(s) long after they accept your offer and start in their new position.


Client Testimonials

Tyler was very attentive. Gave me specific advice and assisted me through the process. Thank you for the awesome experience of working with you Tyler.

Lisa P. (Client)

Candidate Testimonials

Michael Irving understands our needs in what we are looking for in candidates and is a professional in his trade. Michael does not just place candidates for his gain but also looks out for our best interest.

Richard E. (Client)

Candidate Testimonials

Vivianne is awesome. She’s on top of everything. Very professional and helpful. A million thanks to Vivianne!!!!

Joey N. (Candidate)

Client Testimonials

The process was easy and communication was excellent. I thought Rob did an awesome job. Thank you!

Tim B. (Client)

Candidate Testimonials

I would like to say thank you for your help. It was a pleasure working with Tyler and Tef. They were both helpful with the interview process and helped with successful wage negotiation.

Jolene A. (Candidate)

Candidate Testimonials

Greetings. My name is Mark G. I am an RN,BSN and Chris and Viv were both outstanding personnel in assisting me and securing me a great DON position here in Sacramento, Ca. Chris believed in me from the initial conversation. He remained diligent, and professional in all actions throughout the entire recruiting process. He was always informative and kept me abreast of the whole hiring process. He offered me some good advice for my interview, and always followed up with me timely. I just want to give a big THANKS to Chris and Vivian for their efforts in this entire process. Chris is a very good individual, good communicator and coach throughout the entire hiring process.

Please share with him my sincere appreciation for all his efforts.

Mark G RN,BSN (Candidate)
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