Resume Writing

At ALIGN, we look at thousands of resumes throughout the year, which has taught us extensively about what makes an executive-level resume stand out. Because we receive so many resumes daily, the main goal of a candidate should be to break through the noise and catch our attention.

Unfortunately, common mistakes – like bad formatting – can prevent that from happening. Instead, we will work with you to discover and establish a clear, focused career objective. Below are some things to consider when preparing your resume for your next opportunity:

  • Discover and establish a clear, focused career objective
  • Clarify your career path goals and write a powerful, interview-grabbing resume for C-level, executive and professional job seekers
  • Create a savvy and targeted Cover Letter that draws interest and attention to your already compelling resume
  • Create a PDF and ASCII resume and cover letter documents
  • Develop a Reference Sheet of contacts that will add to your credibility – it can make the difference and win you the job.

Interview Prepping

When it comes to an executive-level role, the interview process is understandably much more complex and intense than one for a lower-level job. However, both have the same goal: to convince your interviewer that you are the best person for this job as clearly and concisely as possible. It is more than just what you say – your preparedness, mannerisms, follow-up, etc. are equally as important. We will help you prepare for your interview with education, tips, and strategies and rehearse with both expected and unexpected questions. In addition, we will work to improve your confidence during interviews and gain insight on how to stay calm and still come across as exciting and the right fit for the job.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We offer absolute confidentiality for both clients and candidates alike. We will only share your personal details with our clients with your prior consent. We do not send CV’s to other businesses speculatively.

ALIGN do not charge candidates for our services. However, as a candidate, you are liable for your travel expenses, such as attending on-site interviews at our offices and our clients.