Executive Search

Key placements can transform organizations: it is critical to secure the right executive.

ALIGN’s executive search team has extensive experience hiring for important executive roles and understands that every company and position has unique needs. For this reason, we take the time to learn the skill sets, leadership styles, and industry experience a candidate will need to prosper. This approach has led to our exceptional track record of success.

Our experienced executive recruiters combine industry and operational expertise with cultural and geographic insight to ensure we provide our clients with a dynamic selection of candidates. Our profiling process is precise, targeted, and tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. ALIGN has a credible network for professional services and a thorough assessment process.

ALIGN executive recruiters typically work with organizations looking to fill senior leadership positions such as vice president, chief financial officer, or senior executive director. As a result, we understand the human resources landscape and are well-connected with the right talent.

Our process includes:

  • Original candidate research
  • In-depth interviewing for competency and attitude
  • Relevant, accurate assessments focused on senior executive talent
  • A highly qualified shortlist
  • Accountability to clients and a comprehensive understanding of our client’s core values
  • Detailed candidate specifications

We would happily work with you to fill your subsequent senior management and executive roles.

executive search


Most frequent questions and answers

Executive search is a specialized recruitment tactic to seek out and recruit senior-level and C-suite candidates to fill open positions.

We typically work on C-level or CXO executive searches down to Vice President. So, for example, we conduct CTO, CIO, and CISO searches and searches for Chief Architects. Additionally, we work on Executive Vice President (EVP), Senior Vice President (SVP), and Vice President (VP) levels. Finally, we recruit equivalent leadership levels, such as General Managers, Managing Directors, and Managing Partners.

Executive search involves a highly specialized recruitment strategy to find and obtain highly skilled senior-level candidates. Recruiting is the more generalized term for identifying, attracting, and hiring talent for the open roles within your company.

The executive search process generally involves the search firm providing qualified talent, facilitating an interview, and negotiating the client and candidate’s salary expectations. When an executive search firm makes a placement, they receive a fee from the company or organization for its services. However, whether they get hired or not, candidates are not expected to pay any fee for their involvement in the recruitment process.

Recruiting KPIs are detailed metrics that help you gauge the effectiveness of your hiring process and recruiting team. Although you will want to choose KPIs based on your company’s recruiting and growth goals, these are some excellent ideas to get started.

  • Time to fill
  • Quality of hire
  • Time to hire
  • Source of hire
  • Attrition rate