The hiring process can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and, often, costly. In addition, employing the wrong person could create a real problem for the company, both financially and organizationally. ALIGN can provide custom solutions to ensure that the next person you employ is right for your company.

Our skilled expertise, vast network of contacts, research resources, and search processes allow us to identify and provide you with only the most appropriately qualified candidates.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Executive search involves a highly specialized recruitment strategy to find and obtain highly skilled senior-level candidates. Recruiting is the more generalized term for identifying, attracting, and hiring talent for the open roles within your company.

Head-hunters work separately or as part of a head-hunting company to find potential candidates for positions an organization is seeking to fill. They pass information about promising candidates to the company but don’t take part in further hiring or final decisions. Head-hunters won’t post a job; instead, they search for candidates and reach out to those with suitable profiles. They depend on reaching out to professionals until they find a candidate with the characteristics that a company is pursuing. For example, organizations might use head-hunters when they’ve had no success finding the right candidate through their HR department recruiters.

ALIGN services clients across North America and has years of experience placing candidates internationally as well.