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We are a team of Executive Search Consultants who know where to find the best talent. Our Recruiters hunt for the perfect fit for your organization by capturing gainfully employed professionals. We have the willingness and ability to do the work other recruitment firms don’t.

By taking a customized, hands-on, detailed approach, we get to know our clients and candidates, this allows us to match the right skill set, experience and most importantly, the right personality.

Flagship office is located in Laguna Beach, California | Clients and candidates supported nationwide.

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Matt Armand  
President & CEO

Erik Perkins  
Partner | Director of Learning


David Mason  

Vivianne Twig

Vivianne Twigg  

Sara Sekandary  
Director of Sales and Marketing

Rochelle Kaplan 

Claire Driscoll  
Social Media

Jonathan Reid 

Tyler Karp 

Kristin Lederer

Kristin Lederer  
Executive Search Consultant

Rhonda Stroebel

Rhonda Stroebel  
Business Office Manager | HR

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