Administrator/Building CEO for Post-Acute Care & Rehabilitation Healthcare Provider


A Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation provider operating skilled nursing facilities in Las Cruces, New Mexico, was looking for a new Administrator (or Building CEO) as the previous Administrator had resigned. Because Las Cruces is a smaller New Mexico market, finding the right candidate was challenging.

The provider was searching for a candidate with experience in healthcare administration, particularly in the skilled nursing field. The ideal candidate would be required to have strong leadership skills and the ability to effectively manage the facility’s day-to-day operations.

As an existing client of ALIGN, they had a long-standing relationship with our firm and relied on us to make many tough placements. They turned to us to find the perfect Administrator or Building CEO candidate.

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The client’s desired outcome was finding a strong Administrator with an open-door policy who could lead the facility and grow with the company. The goal was to find a candidate who could make tough decisions, drive census, demonstrate strong financial successes, and possess an entrepreneurial spirit.

ALIGN’s team started with a brainstorming session to develop a deep understanding of the client’s requirements beyond a simple job description. It involved identifying the desired traits and skills necessary for success in the role and a thorough assessment of the type of candidate the healthcare provider sought.

Working closely with the Regional Director of Operations, we held multiple brainstorming and strategic planning sessions to determine the most effective approach for finding the ideal candidate. Given the unique challenges of the search, our team called every skilled nursing facility in New Mexico to identify potential candidates, using a combination of headhunting tactics, targeted advertisements, and a comprehensive outreach effort.

ALIGN’s diligent and thorough search for a Skilled Nursing Home Administrator resulted in successfully identifying and pre-qualifying three candidates for the client to interview. Each of the candidates was thoughtfully prepared by ALIGN for their interviews with the client.

There was one standout candidate who ALIGN supported through a long and rigorous interview process that included eight interviews.

Throughout the process, ALIGN’s recruiter built a strong relationship with the candidate, providing prep calls before each interview and debrief calls after each interview. The overall package offered to the candidate included a bonus structure that dramatically increased her total compensation by 92.3 percent!

Since her hire, the winning candidate has contributed positively to the company. She attended the company’s leadership summit and was welcomed with open arms into the team. Her high acuity background, having worked in a facility attached to a hospital, proved invaluable in her ability to handle the stress of the skilled facility.

The client was pleased with the outcome and looks forward to a long and happy tenure with their new Nursing Home Administrator.

The client’s satisfaction is a testament to ALIGN’s successful approach to finding and placing the ideal candidate for their needs.

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