Bilingual HR Benefits Representative for Retail Jewelry Company


Our client is a well-established retail jewelry business with 96 stores throughout California. Operating for more than 50 years, it had a proven track record of providing exceptional service and high-quality products to its customers. The company had struggled to fill a critical HR position for six months.

ALIGN was tasked with finding an HR benefits representative who was bilingual in Spanish and English and lived close to San Clemente. The ideal candidate would have experience in Leave of Absence (LOA ) procedures, evaluating enrollments for benefits, overseeing 401k enrollments, and the benefits renewal process. They would also understand California state and federal employment laws as well as have knowledge of COVID reporting, protocols, and regulations.

ALIGN’s recruitment consultant’s main objective was to present the client with a well-prepared candidate who had a strong understanding of the company’s policies and procedures regarding benefits and was confident and value-driven in their approach.

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We began by creating a targeted recruitment strategy, working closely with the director of HR and an internal recruiter, and listening carefully to the company’s needs and preferences. By gaining a deep knowledge of the company’s culture, values, and benefits policies, we were positioned to introduce our client to the most suitable candidates.

The first step was to narrow the search to only bilingual-speaking candidates and tap into ALIGN’s network of qualified HR professionals with bilingual skills. Using a proactive approach, we reached out to passive candidates currently employed but who may have been interested in new opportunities. We also optimized the company’s job description and employer branding to attract top talent and stand out from other employers.

Throughout the recruitment process, we maintained regular communication with the HR department to ensure everyone was on the same page.

ALIGN submitted four prequalified candidates, all meeting the qualifications and having the necessary experience for the role. After careful consideration, one candidate stood out because she met all the required criteria and had additional valuable skills for the company.

She was fully bilingual, lived 20 minutes from the office, and had experience managing COVID cases and LOA and translating benefits information to other Spanish-only speaking employees. Her desired salary also aligned with what the client was offering.
The candidate was offered the job, and the company provided her with full benefits and a flexible work schedule that accommodated her previously planned vacation. After her initial training period, she would also be able to work hybrid, splitting her time between the office and remote work.

The candidate was thrilled to accept the position and has become a valuable team member.

The result was a successful hire within a month, exceeding the company’s expectations. ALIGN’s recruitment consultant’s ability to listen to the client’s needs, target specific qualifications, and create a targeted recruitment strategy was key to finding the right candidate quickly.

The company was able to fill the critical HR position, and the new employee is happy, productive, and contributing to the company’s success. They have nothing but positive feedback about her work, and she has been able to contribute to the company’s goals and objectives from day one.

The client was impressed with the value-driven approach and the quality of the candidate presented by ALIGN. This placement has led to establishing a long-term relationship and ALIGN is now the trusted consultant for our client’s future hiring needs.

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