Director of Nursing for
Non-Profit Senior Services Provider


For more than 50 years, a reputable non-profit organization in Northern California has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors. With 36+ properties and over 2,000 employees in the region, they genuinely care about their employees’ financial security, health, and well-being. In 2022, the organization received “A Great Place to Work” certification, further emphasizing its commitment to creating a positive workplace culture.

Recently, they were introduced to ALIGN, and by showcasing our unique approach to recruitment and our organizational structure, we distinguished ourselves from other recruitment companies.

The organization signed on with ALIGN, hoping to find a suitable candidate for their Director of Nursing (DON) position, which had been vacant for six months. As the head of the clinical side of the organization, the DON would be responsible for overseeing all the nurses and upholding the highest standards of care for their senior residents. Given the importance of this position, finding a suitable candidate was a challenging yet essential task.

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We reviewed the job description during our strategy meeting with the Director of Human Resources and had a brainstorming session to better understand the client’s requirements for the DON position. We identified key qualifications, including possessing at least three years of experience as a DON, a strong clinical background, strong leadership and communication skills, and a passion for senior care.

Once we had a clear insight into the client’s requirements, we immediately delved into our candidate inventory. The ALIGN team collaborated to perform a focused search to identify the ideal candidate.

The first candidate we identified was highly qualified for the job and had been actively searching for a position, having recently moved to the area. ALIGN pre-qualified him for the client’s interviewing process by providing him with a comprehensive history of the company, a list of the interviewers, as well as the expected questions. ALIGN also stressed the importance of emphasizing his passion for senior care during the interview.

By the end of the first interview, the client wanted to bring him back for the final round.

The package offered to the selected candidate included the following:

  • An aggressive salary.
  • Full benefits for him and his family.
  • Comprehensive support from the company.

The new hire, who started working on July 29, 2022, brought a wealth of experience and skills to the position, and his contribution to the company has been significant. The client was delighted with their new hire, and his addition to the team helped to raise the bar for the company’s standard of care for senior residents.

The successful recruitment of the new hire in record time was also a significant win for ALIGN, and it helped to build the client’s trust and confidence in our recruitment process. Since the successful placement of the new hire, the client has continued to engage ALIGN to assist in filling other key positions.

ALIGN has been instrumental in securing the recruitment of several top-notch professionals for this client, and our success has been evident in the number of positions we have closed. With our strong understanding of the client’s needs and our expertise in the recruitment process, ALIGN helped to ensure that the client has access to the best candidates available in the market.

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