5 Reasons Why Companies Should Work With One Recruiter Exclusively

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What comes to mind when you work with a recruitment agency or headhunter? Do you envision several recruiters competing to fill a position as fast as possible? While this may seem ideal from an expeditious point of view, the downside most certainly outweighs the benefits.

Why not consider working exclusively with one recruiter, who has your best interests in mind? This post lists five key benefits of hiring a specialist recruiter and working exclusively with them for your hiring needs.

1. Total Commitment

At the start, contingent or non-exclusive recruiters usually work at a frantic pace. However, since they have multiple projects, focusing on just one client is not financially viable. As a result, they will not prioritize filling your hiring needs because they compete with other recruitment agencies across various projects.

Conversely, an exclusive recruiter will fully commit to your project and deliver results as promised. Also, the recruiter will spend more time planning, screening, and interviewing candidates due to exclusivity. An exclusive recruiter understands that it is never a good idea to rush through the hiring process when seeking a qualified candidate.

2. Specialized Knowledge and Experience

One of the greatest benefits of working exclusively with a specialist or niche recruiter is their ‘USP,’ or Unique Selling Proposition, gained from years of accumulated knowledge in hiring ideal candidates for specific domains/sectors. As a result, this recruiter has a high benchmark and efficient methods to fill the intended position.

This skill is convenient when you urgently need to hire top talent or are working in a field that already has a shortage of qualified candidates.

Many positions with high-skill requirements remain in demand and are difficult to fill since the candidates are decentralized, and their job priorities have changed a lot.

In this scenario, an exclusive recruitment partner can spend adequate time and effort identifying and hiring suitable candidates despite the challenges.

3. Extensive Reach

Finding ideal candidates is not just about qualifications and skills but also cultural fit. With the help of a specialist recruiter, you can find candidates who will embrace your culture, resulting in job satisfaction, increased productivity, and retention.

Specialized recruitment agencies often spend 80-90 percent of their time developing a network of prospective candidates and hiring them even on short notice.

These recruiters can also reach out to passive candidates who would have never thought of working for your company and would not have responded to your job postings. The extended reach of your recruiter can tap these talent pools to fill a vacancy.

4. Efficient Candidate Screening

An exclusive recruitment agency spends significant time screening and interviewing potential candidates to ensure your organization gets only the ones with the right skills, experience, and traits.

The statistics above by Glassdoor show that a corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes on average. Going through that many resumes takes a lot of time and effort.

An exclusive hiring agency does that for you via various exhaustive screening processes. While an exclusive recruiter can quickly screen resumes as she seeks out qualified candidates for your openings, she will ultimately spend more than 15 hours with a candidate during the complete process.

At ALIGN, our process includes:

  1. Initial call after resume review completing a ‘CPS’ (Candidate Profile Sheet)
  2. Interview preps for both client and candidate
  3. Interview debriefs of both client and candidate
  4. Salary negotiations between client and candidate
  5. Maintenance calls after the placement to ensure a smooth and stable transition
5. Lowers Costs and Saves Time

Working with one recruiter can lower your costs by cutting down the hiring time. According to LinkedIn, the average time of hiring a candidate is 30 days. However, it can take longer in some cases.

The good news is, with an exclusive hiring partner on your side, the process will be less time-consuming and more cost-effective. In addition, most organizations report that filling vacant positions is one of their higher ongoing costs.

Working with one recruiting company in exclusivity saves you plenty of time, as it can significantly shorten the hiring process.

Closing Words

When you work with an exclusive recruitment company like ALIGN, we will check the market to identify the hard-to-reach candidates.

Whether your company functions in technology, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, account and finance, or other sectors, we source top talent that other hiring agencies cannot find.

Contact us here, and let’s talk about it.

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