Candidate Shelf Life – Why Clients Should Move Fast to Get Them Through the Interviewing Process

candidate shelf life

In the current, post-pandemic economic environment, a candidate’s shelf life increasingly shrinks as the demand for skilled and self-managed professionals increases.

Some companies get caught up in a “Purple Squirrel” mindset, thinking there is always a better candidate out there that will match their wish list. Unfortunately, potentially qualified applicants are gone by the time they finish their old-school, and unnecessarily slow hiring process. By moving fast through the recruitment process, organizations can beat the rush and hire the best candidates while they’re still “on the shelf.”

What is a Candidate’s Shelf Life and Why it is Important?

If the first interaction between an applicant and the organization is successful, the applicant will typically be interested and excited about the job opportunity. Sadly, some organizations can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to close hiring. By hesitating, the candidate’s interest in the job fades away.

In this competitive market, giving candidates the option of looking around for more opportunities is a certain way to lose them.

Companies often compile detailed lists of qualifications that ideal candidates will have. But finding that perfect person is like finding a unicorn

The Best Talent will NOT Wait for a Slow Hiring Process

Hiring is a meticulous process of reducing options before selecting suitable candidates. The situation for potential employees in the current labor market is similar.

Applicants will continue to be interested in opportunities until they believe there is something better. Therefore, the more qualified the candidate, the higher the demand for his/her services, the more options they will have, and the sooner they will receive attractive offers.

Companies may not be able to do anything about a candidate who receives an offer from another company that is too good to turn down. However, they can successfully capture the best candidates by making attractive offers before other companies do.

The Benefits of Hiring Faster

Save Cost and Time
Spend less time interviewing candidates on a busy workday. Holding a vacancy open for too long can amount to huge losses when you factor in hiring and marketing costs.

Attract the Best Talent
Decisiveness will keep you ahead of others, and applicants will appreciate your consideration for valuing their time and your positive approach toward hiring.

Make it Possible to Achieve Company Goals Faster
The sooner a company hires suitable candidates, the quicker they will start working to help the company achieve its goals.

Set a Timeline for Hiring
Think strategically and plan when you have a position to fill. Knowing your budget, your interview process, and reward packages in advance can save time. Reach out to the hiring manager, get budget approval, write job descriptions, schedule interviews, etc. A newly hired candidate will be able to assist you in future projects, so keep in mind your deadline and select someone who can start immediately.

Reduce the Number of Interviews
Consider scheduling a group interview to make the hiring process faster. If a hiring decision requires several individuals, schedule multiple interviews on the same day. If managers are not available, set up a video interview.

Reduce Time Taken for Background Verification
Once you find a suitable candidate, make an offer on the condition of obtaining a favorable background check and drug test result.

Create a Positive Hiring Experience for Candidates
A LinkedIn study show that more than 75 percent of applicants research a company’s reputation before applying for a job. It is important to keep in mind that job seekers can anonymously give feedback on companies’ hiring practices on sites like Glassdoor. A negative experience can warn future applicants of toxic workplaces.

Partner with a Hiring Firm that Means Business
When looking for the best talent, working with an expert hiring firm like ALIGN can make the difference by helping companies secure talent, select and screen candidates, and negotiate salaries. At ALIGN, we take most of the workload off our clients, leaving them to simply interview the candidates and select the ones that are likely to be the best match.

We optimize the hiring process by becoming your strategic advisor, providing valuable tips on current compensation trends and interviewing strategies.

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