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New Year, New Career?

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

Everyone is welcoming 2021 with feelings of excitement, but some may be experiencing a touch of trepidation for what the new year may bring. Desperately needing to leave 2020 and all its challenges behind, we are more than ready for new beginnings; for setting new goals and intentions.

Did you know that January is the busiest month of the year for new job postings and new hires? The new year is a time when many of us reflect on our experiences and decide what we want for our future.

Are you toying with the idea of a career or job change? If so, this is the best time to bite the bullet and do it!

But, before you do, ask yourself: Why you are contemplating this change?


Are you stuck in an unfulfilling job because you do not have a plan for your future career? Are you bored, have you lost your passion? Take some time to figure out why you are not happy in your current position. Identify the cause; perhaps a bad relationship at work, the work itself or possibly the lack of future opportunity to grow. This self-assessment will help you understand where you would like to see yourself in the future.


Work-life balance is something that we all need. If you feel stressed and exhausted at the end of every day and find yourself waiting for the weekends to “unwind,” you probably don’t have the right work-life balance. Remember, life is short, and your health should be non-negotiable.


Sometimes it is about the money. It may not be the most important thing in your life, but it is undeniably essential. If your current career path is not providing the income you need, it is probably time to look for a new job.


Before throwing in the towel, express your motivations and concerns with your current employer. They may have plans for you, including a promotion and pay increase. Afterwards, if you still want to go in a different direction, then go for it!

Taking this approach will do one of two things:

  • You may realize this was a great way to protect your time invested and repair any concerns
  • You may realize and confirm that there is indeed nothing left for you there and it is time to move on

Either way, you have made an informed decision.


Now is the perfect time to sit down and make a list of your skills. Jot down everything including current work, academic, extracurricular, volunteer and then add anything you have done in your past that you have found enjoyable and stimulating. Place them in order of preference to determine the list of activities you would like to use in your new career.

The internet is a gold mine when it comes to researching your interests and a potential new career. The more you read, the easier it will be to set your goals and make a career decision. When you find something that piques your interest, check it out against your new list of preferred skills to see if it fits. Reach out to your friends, past colleagues, your alma mater, and other contacts for advice, introductions and even brainstorming.

There is a vast amount of opportunity in emerging markets. Now is possibly your time to be proactive and set yourself up with a career in an industry that will boom in the future.


Call one of our recruiters at ALIGN to find out how we can help you find the perfect job to build your dream career. We will assist you in discovering the right company and opportunity as well as navigating the assessments and interviews. We are always eager and excited to speak with you and support your journey toward the future you are planning.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.”

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