Healthcare Hiring Trends for 2023 and Beyond

The healthcare labor market is fundamentally shifting, presenting new opportunities for hospitals and health systems. After three years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, clinicians have become more informed, empowered, and selective about their chosen jobs. As federal spending on healthcare workers decreases and the Public Health Emergency declaration for the pandemic expires, several hiring trends are emerging that will shape the future of healthcare.

Increased Flexibility in Scheduling for Staff Roles

According to a recent report on the future of healthcare, clinicians on travel contracts are now more willing to explore permanent employment in 2023. The stability offered by permanent roles has become increasingly attractive. However, these clinicians are demanding higher wages and prioritizing flexible schedules. Healthcare employers that provide flexible work schedules and various shift options will be better positioned to retain and attract top talent.

Emphasis on Career Progression

With recent policy shifts in telehealth and reimbursement for home-based care, new job options are emerging for clinicians. They create additional competition for workers and the need for flexible career paths within organizations. Offering vertical integration and diverse career progression opportunities will be crucial for clinician retention and autonomy.

Improved Work Experience and Core Staff Support

Healthcare employers are investing in core staff positions by improving salaries, benefits, retention bonuses, and mental health and well-being services. Investing in benefits such as medical and dental insurance, retirement plans, disability coverage, and tuition reimbursement, will help attract and retain talented clinicians. Additionally, addressing the challenges clinicians face with affordable childcare and virtual learning for their children is crucial for retaining experienced and newer clinicians.

Pay Transparency

The expectation of pay transparency, established during the height of the pandemic, continues to grow. Clinicians considering core staff roles expect upfront information about hourly wages. Employers must meet this expectation and disclose compensation ranges in job listings. This trend is also reinforced by policy changes implemented by various jurisdictions nationwide.

Increased Demand for Advanced Practice Practitioners

Advanced practice practitioners, including nurse practitioners, nurse anaesthetists, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, and physician assistants, are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts significant growth in these roles between 2021 and 2031. As the elderly population grows, the need for geriatric primary care providers will also increase. Expanding the scope of practice for advanced practice professionals and addressing health disparities in underserved communities are important considerations for future workforce planning.

Positive Job Candidate Experience

Due to the shortage of clinicians, employers are focusing on minimizing drop-offs during the recruitment process. The average hiring time for healthcare positions is lengthy, and employers are losing strong candidates due to slow processes. Investing in technology, operations, and talent acquisition professionals will enable healthcare employers to create a speedy and positive experience for job seekers, including leveraging communication tools like texting.


The hiring trends shaping the future of healthcare in 2023 and beyond present both challenges and opportunities for hospitals and health systems. To navigate this evolving landscape successfully, organizations must adapt to clinicians’ changing preferences and expectations. By offering flexibility, career advancement opportunities, competitive benefits, pay transparency and a streamlined candidate experience, healthcare employers can attract and retain the top talent needed to provide high-quality care.

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