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Expectations of Candidates during The Recruiting Process

Companies often hire third-party recruiters to assist them are searching for suitable candidates. They will clearly define their expectations in terms of candidates’ qualifications, experience, and skills. But, what about the expectations of candidates when it comes to working with a recruiter?

LinkedIn surveyed more than 20,000 professionals from different parts of the world to find what candidates expect and how they search for a job.

Here are some expectations candidates have when working with a recruiter:

Candidates expect to hear from the recruiter.

Candidates need an open line of communication with their recruiter. Not hearing back from their recruiter will create negative feelings and the possibility of losing a good opportunity. Therefore, it is essential for them to feel appreciated.

According to the LinkedIn survey, 90 percent of those candidates were open to new job opportunities. In addition, nearly 63 percent of the candidates felt great when recruiters reached out to them.

Candidates need feedback on the status of their applications, even if they get rejected.

Candidates expect detailed information on jobs the first time a recruiter reaches out to them.

The same LinkedIn survey data showed that candidates expect to have detailed information about a job and the company. Again, job and salary details top the list of candidates’ expectations.

Candidates want a brief and efficient interview.

Generally, it takes 2-3 months for candidates to transition from the application process to the hiring stage. During that period, they can face up to three interviews on average, and they are okay with that number.

Long application processes can be discouraging to candidates, so if a recruiter can speed up the process by setting up a panel interview or conducting multiple interviews in a day, the candidate will be appreciative. Scheduling video interviews is also an effective way to evaluate candidates during the initial screening.

Candidates expect a positive experience during the recruitment process.

A poor candidate experience due to a recruiter not responding to applicants or having a lengthy recruitment process causes many candidates to shun a recruitment agency and sour to recruiters overall.

On the other hand, having a positive experience makes nearly 38 percent of candidates accept a job offer. Not only that, 51 percent of candidates share their positive experiences online on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and social media platforms.

Candidates want to know immediately about salary and compensation.

There is no doubt that money talks. Often, salary drives candidates’ career decisions. Most people think they will be in a better financial and social position with more income.

Candidates expect to know about their compensation package and bonuses, allowances, and any other benefits when they begin to move through the recruitment process. So, setting a clear expectation early in the process is good for both candidates and recruiters.

Candidates expect fair treatment.

Nobody wants to be treated unfairly or be taken for granted, and job applicants are no exception. Unfortunately, unfair treatment may also mean making candidates wait for long periods of time even when they arrived at the interview venue on time. Wasting candidates’ time can be a significant turn-off for them, as they lose interest in the job even before participating in the interview.

An interview should ideally be a two-way communication that will promote the exchange of information and ideas. Also, recruiters should stick to their interview schedules. If there are any changes, they should immediately update the candidates.

Candidates want to witness an employer’s work culture.

Initial candidate screening typically happens at the recruiter’s office, where candidates have no clue about the employer’s work environment. A tour of the prospective employer’s office can give candidates a glimpse into the employer’s culture during the recruitment process. Unfortunately, the pandemic compelled many employers to forgo onsite final interviews in favor of virtual, video interviews like Zoom and Teams. On a positive note, this practice seems to be waning.

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