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What is the Most Important Consideration when Seeking a New Job?

“Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy. If you’re happy with what you’re doing, you’ll like yourself, and you’ll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you’ll have more success than you could possibly have imagined” – Roger Caras

What do you consider when looking for a job, other than the obvious paycheck and security? While there is no standard answer, some of the more important factors that job seekers consider are company culture and values that align with their own personalities and principles.

Let’s examine a few significant factors.


While the future is unpredictable—and the repercussions of the pandemic continue to affect us—examining a company’s history affords a glance into the value system and culture that exist within an organization. By researching a company—through press releases, websites, and social media accounts—you can make an educated guess as to what the future may hold for you when you join a company.

Things you can look for are:

– How long has the organization been in business?
– Is the company expanding or downsizing?
– Are they seeking to acquire another company or are they being bought by another entity?
– How do they compare to their competitors in their industry?
– Are there any signs of financial or legal troubles?

If you are looking for job security, moving to a company that is expanding is ideal. On the other hand, if you seek a change in environment or cutting-edge technology, a startup may be better suited to your needs.


It is important and a good starting point to find out about a company’s working hours. (I’ve heard Amazon engineers complain about 14-hour days!) As a job seeker, you should find out the expected or “normal” working hours and their policy for overtime. Also, it is helpful to investigate PTO and holidays as well as if you’d be required to be “on-call” outside of regular work hours.

The hours you work link directly to your work-life balance and your physical and mental health, so exploring these questions helps bridge the expectation-reality gap.


Growth opportunities are significant factors that often sit in the back of the minds of job seekers. So, in-depth questions about growth opportunities will help you assess the kind of future awaiting you with a prospective employer.

Still, growth goes beyond the traditional trajectory of promotions to more senior roles. An intelligent move is to ask about horizontal opportunities or lateral growth prospects. Determine whether you can shift to a different area within the company, and with time and training, develop the necessary skills and abilities required for those jobs.

Another approach is to find out from current employees about the growth graph. Studying their social media profiles, you will see how long they have worked at the company, which will clarify growth opportunities and instil a sense of positivity. It is this optimistic viewpoint that pushes almost 38 percent of candidates to accept job offers.

You can also look for suggestions and feedback on online portals such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. About 51 percent of candidates share their experiences on these platforms. So, keep an eye out!


Salary remains a driving force when making career decisions. However, remember that a compensation package includes benefits such as health insurance, vacation and sick-day policies, as well as a retirement savings plan. Some companies offer bonus plans, too. So, it is vital to ask about benefits and incentives when seeking a new job to put you in a better position when planning for your future.


The ongoing pandemic has forced employers to shift from physical working spaces to virtual ones. With remote work becoming an integral part of our lives, it is crucial to keep up with technology and the latest tools. When seeking a new job, find out if the company provides any devices for home use. Understanding software, hardware, and operating systems allow you to assess how the company deals with and values technology.


Knowing what to look for in a prospective employer enables you to make a change with a fresh pair of eyes.

At ALIGN, we are here to help you make that shift as smooth as possible. So, reach out to one of our experienced consultants, and help us help you land that dream job.

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