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It’s Not All About the Money – The Offer Stage

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Congratulations, you did it! You aced the interviews, and you are feeling great about it. You have been introduced to the team, been given the “tour,” and in the next few days, you will be receiving a job offer.

You are excited to see the financial package they will offer, after all, this is your “Dream Job”.

Stop, slow down and take a breath.

Now is the time to dig deep because being happy in a job is not only about the Money. There are many other factors to consider when you are negotiating a job offer with your future in mind.

Of course, money is important, and we will discuss that later.

Here are some guidelines to help you evaluate the job offer and assist you in making the best decision for yourself.

The Career “Job”

Because you will be spending 8+ hours a day on the job, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the actual work you will be doing excite you?
  • Does it fit your personality?
  • Will you be using the skills that you enjoy?
  • Do you believe in the company and feel passionate about contributing to it?
  • Do you understand the role you and how you will interact with your coworkers?
  • What about your quality of life? Will the job affect it negatively in any way? Think about your commute time, overtime expectations and how flexible they may be.

We all know that working with a great leader can make even a tough job rewarding. On the flip side, a lousy leader can turn a dream job into a living nightmare.

Find out who your direct superior will be and ask yourself:

  • Can you work with this person? | #1 reason people leave their job is due to the leadership
  • she/she respectful to the team members?
  • What kind of reputation does he/she have in the industry?
  • Is his/her management style a fit for you?
Company Culture

Until you are working in the environment, it can be challenging to get a real sense of a company’s culture. But here is the trick: you can pick up hints that can give you an idea of how they operate by asking some of the right questions during the final interviews.

  • Do the company’s core values align with yours? After all, your integrity is essential.
  • Are issues that are important to you a priority to the company leaders?
  • What are the company’s policies about ongoing staff training, mobility, and promotions?
  • Do you see yourself as part of the team?
  • Do they encourage a work/life balance?
  • Can you see yourself working in that company culture?

Nothing in today’s world is forever, and that applies to the job market, too. It is wise to evaluate how this job will position you in the future. Ask yourself:

  • Will this job allow you to sharpen your skills and make you even more marketable in the future?
  • Does working at this company add credibility to your resume?
  • Should you decide to change your career, will this job give you a “foot in the door?”
  • Does it offer access to training that will be useful to you and opportunities for networking?
Finally, let us talk about Money!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • If the job offer is lower than you expected, can you afford to pass it up and wait for something better?
  • What are the company’s health benefits?
  • Bonus Program
  • Continued Education reimbursement
  • Do they offer paid time off?
  • What is their policy regarding a 401(k) plan?
  • Is the offer fair, based on your experience and the market average?

When deciding to accept a job offer, finances are critical, but remember the adage: Money does not buy happiness, contrary to what we may think.


Hopefully, we have given you some food for thought that will help you to decide whether to accept a job offer or not. However, you need to prioritize the information provided according to what is personally relevant to you. Think about what is crucial for you and your happiness and where you are willing to make sacrifices if need be.

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